You Won't Believe That These Things Happened ... But We Have The Proof...Incredible!


1. Imagine diving in, only to interrupt a wedding. 2. Yes, the president has an awesome sense of humor. 3. Black and white twins. 4. Stephen Hawking poses with a bunch of guys dressed as Bananaman for a bachelor party. 5. Vladimir Putin taking very detailed notes. 6. Baby fox fell asleep on someone's car. 7. Yep. I wouldn't have believed it either. 8. Penguins in sweaters to keep the oil ridden penguins from eating the oil while they were waiting to be cleaned. 9. A possum broke in to an Australian bakery and couldn't escape...because he ate too much. 10. Unexpected twins at Walmart. 11. Shanghai movie theater accidentally uses a photoshopped fan-made photo as the official poster for Thor 2. 12. Copy and paste. 13. BFFs. 14. Batman officiated this wedding. 15. LAPD officers in 1960 went undercover as women to catch a purse snatcher. 16. This bagel tale. 17. A Shrek wedding happened. 18. A double banana. 19. Lost wedding ring found on carrot growing in her garden after 16 years. 20. A deer with a basketball. Actually.

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