Maid of Honor gives a special wedding toast that makes everyone cry with laughter!


This maid-of-honor might have wanted Adele to perform at her sister’s wedding, but since that wasn’t happening, she did the next best thing. Why talk about the bride and groom when you can sing about them? This maid-of-honor chose to do just that, and she absolutely killed it. Her parody of Adele’s ever so popular “Hello” was absolutely hilarious. Now, there have been a lot of Adele parodies going around the internet since her chart-topping album was released last year, but I have to say, this wedding toast just might be the best one out there. Nowadays it seems like there is no foregoing an over the top performance for wedding toasts. It seems like it could present a maid-of honor with stress from the pressure to pull off a meaningful toast that entertains everyone, but this maid-of-honor barely breaks a sweat. In fact, she crushes her maid-of-honor toast in a fun and creative way. Everyone went crazy for the maid-of-honor as she channeled her inner-Adele with a fur coat and giant sunglasses. I personally loved how all of the bridesmaids got in on it with some backup dancing. While it is not clear whether or not it was the maid-of-honor singing on the recording, whoever it was definitely has a good voice. Their singing chops were no joke, but the lyrics that accompanied the performance were all laugh-out-loud funny. All of the jokes aside, this performance was a touching one. Be sure to watch the video all of the way to the end to hear the maid-of-honor’s touching thoughts on the union of her best friend and her new husband. It’s sure to give you all of the feels.

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