Students surprise high school janitor after he is targeted by thieves!


If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Many of us would choose something extravagant, something notable in society’s eyes. But not William Manning, who happens to be working his dream job as the janitor at Arvada High School. In fact, he wouldn’t change his job for the world. Still, he had no idea that the job he loved so much loved him back just as much until the unthinkable happened: he woke up and realized his car was missing. Roughly two weeks ago, Bill woke up to find that his only form of transportation had been stolen in the middle of the night. Bill was devastated. When the kids at his school found out about it, they did something incredible. In just a matter of two days, they managed to raise around $4,000 to help him replace his car. But there’s a reason these kids jumped at the chance to help Bill out.

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