Do you feel bad because you have a beer belly? After this, you won't anymore!


Roy Nelson has defied the odds over and over. In a sport filled with lean and mean fighters, and plagued with sports enhancement drug use, Roy stands a modest 6 feet tall in the heavyweight division, and sports a gut that would impress any full-time beer drinker. Yet he absolutely dominates inside the octagon. He has the stamina, the durability and the incredible knockout power that has led to much more muscled up and taller men to drop in devastating fashion from this master mixed martial arts competitor who labels himself a “kung-fu fighter”. Besides his stand-up, Roy actually possesses a very solid ground game as he is a master in jiu jitsu as well. Nobody, including Dana White, thought this guy would dominate the UFC as he has done. Yet he proved everyone wrong, showing that big gut or not, he can still perform at the top level of an incredibly challenging contact sport.

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