Dance Pony Dance - Great And Funny Advert


Every now and then you just gotta bust out in a dance party. Sometimes you just get the need to move, whether you are alone or with a group of fellow dancers. Did you ever wonder what your pets do when you are gone? If you’re anything like the average pet owner, you imagine them tossing aside their manners and busting out into party mode. We’ve all thought about what happens with our furry family members after we close the door. Do they peruse the cabinets for tasty human snacks or do they invite a bunch of fellow furry friends over for a dance party? In an advertisement that has gone viral, one sweet pony shows us exactly what he does when he isn’t being watched. As soon as the music starts, this pony displays some pent-up moves that he has had inside him for who knows how long. The peppy pony has great taste in music too, as she decides to let loose to Fleetwood Mac’s hit song, “Everywhere.”

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