Best Snake Prank On Girlfriend!!!


A vlogger has shocked the internet with a stomach-turning prank, which shows him waking his sleeping girlfriend up after she made the mistake of taking an impromptu nap, by dumping a box of writhing snakes on top of her. YouTube personality DerekDeso and his girlfriend have made a name for themselves playing various sadistic and often impressively creative pranks on one another. Their older videos include capers such as “10 Million Fruit Loops Prank On Parents!”, “Dead Girlfriend Prank” and most bizarrely of all the “Corn On Drill Challenge” – in which Derek attempts to chew a corn-cob as it spins round on an electric drill. Yeah, it’s that kind of channel. But his latest prank has topped them all. With the help of a dude called LeVaun – who Derek calls “The Snake Man” – Derek sneaks into his girlfriend’s bedroom and tips a box containing a pair of giant anacondas, one green and the other yellow, right on top of her. As the reptiles slither over her back and legs, the girl takes a while to take up properly. But when she wakes up, oh boy, she really wakes up. She genuinely looks 100% terrified when she discovers the snakes creeping up on her behind. I don’t blame her personally. Derek’s going to have to fork out for a seriously expensive present to give her as an apology after this little incident. Not all the viewers were quite so amused however, and some commenters thought that Derek had gone too far this time. “I would end the relationship,” wrote a commenter called Stay Beautiful, while another concurred “man you’re such an *ss. That’s so mean and cruel, you shouldn’t do that to your girlfriend unless you wanna end up being single!”

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