Mom realizes twins ripped open beanbag chair to play "in the snow"!


Some people say that twins are twice the fun, but in the case of these two little boys, twins are twice the mischief. In the video below, posted on February 3, 2017, the twin boys’ mom is upstairs, away from them. They take advantage of their few minutes of freedom and decide to turn their living room into the perfect winter wonderland for their toy dinosaurs. After a minute or two, their mom returns and lays eyes on a scene she never expected to see in her home. She is taken aback by thousands of tiny white pellets scattered all over the floor. Then she realizes that her twin toddlers ripped open a beanbag chair and poured out all the contents, creating a bright, snowy landscape. She wanders around the room in shock, wondering how this all could have happened when she was only gone for about a minute. The bewildered mom asks, “How on earth am I going to clean this up?!” “No, it’s just snow,” her tiny son assures her. But the mom is too wise to fall for the twins‘ trick. “No, it’s the beanbag,” she tells them, staring at the wintry mess surrounding her. Hopefully this mom took the “snow day” in stride, just like her sons and their pet dinosaurs did — until it was time to clean, of course.

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