You must see this terrible act of hoarding!


The Arizona Humane Society was called in to assist the police with a very disturbing situation one day. The rescuers entered a home together, instantly realizing the severity of their surroundings: they were now inside a horrific hoarding house. The floors were covered in dirt and grime, while the walls were coated with stacks of rusty animal cages. Animals were discovered everywhere in the Phoenix, AZ, house, but the hoard mostly consisted of dogs and birds, none of which knew a better life than this one. The saddest part? Some dogs looked ecstatic to see the rescuers come through the door. You could tell that they were craving attention and longed to make their escape somehow. It was up to the rescue team and the police to round up the trapped pets and save them from their misfortune in the dark house. They successfully retrieved 67 animals from the hoarding house. It is uncertain how many of the animals have found forever homes since their rescue, but we can only hope that each and every one is introduced to a loving family that will make them forget they were ever mistreated. Hoarding incidents have a major impact on the well-being of animals. According to the Arizona Humane Society, as of October 2016, hoarding has been declared as a class one misdemeanor, meaning that people convicted of animal hoarding will experience firmer sentences and other consequences.

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