Mom kept her baby in broken wagon


While many of us are out shopping for gifts and trinkets for our friends and loved ones, fussing over what to buy and where to go this holiday season, other families don’t have that luxury. Affording basic necessities can be an everyday struggle, and some parents are heartbroken because they cannot afford the toys their kids want. Usually, we only hear just how bad it is for some of the parents; we rarely get to see it with our own eyes. But customers and employees in a Tampa, FL, Walmart saw the sad truth for a young family who couldn’t pay for a proper stroller for their 7-month-old baby. Every day, Alesha Mcclendon, her fiancé, and her baby walk to Walmart so she can use the computer to look for a job. The couple recently moved to the area in search of a better life. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to afford what they need, including a stroller for the child. Instead, the parents have been toting her along in an old, broken-down red wagon held together by pieces of wood. Inside, they placed a pillow and blankets for the baby. Recently, witnesses saw the manager of the store come up to them with a gift from two of the store’s employees. It was a brand-new stroller, which the anonymous employees bought with their own money. The mom says that she knew someone was going to notice the makeshift stroller but had no idea such a generous act of kindness would follow.

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