Here is the employee who miraculously wrapped a gift in just 12 seconds!


The whole process of gifting people Christmas presents can be very exhausting and tedious. Not only do you have to figure out what you're purchasing for each person and then actually go buy it, you also have to wrap the gifts afterwards. This isn't a problem if you only plan on giving out one or two gifts this year. For people who plan on giving out multiple Christmas gifts, however... we understand your struggle. If only gift wrapping could be simplified and can be done in the fraction of the time it usually takes. Well some time ago, an infamous gift-wrapper from Japan's Takashimaya Department store wrapped an entire box in just 12 seconds. His gift wrapping skills went viral on the Internet and left everyone astonished with no answers. Fortunately for us, YouTube channel Beat The Bush has taken the liberty of analyzing and breaking down this infamous wrapping technique. He's even blessed us with a tutorial of just how to do it! Check out the video below to help you save some time on your gift wrapping this year.

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