Top 10 Creepiest True Stories About Twins!


With increased availability and affordability of fertility treatments, as well as better than ever natal care, there are more twins than ever before. While historically an aura of mystery and even intrigue surrounded twin births, most of us have been in a class with fraternal or even identical twins. Historically and mythologically, being born with a twin could be seen as either a blessing or a curse. The object of intense fascination, in some respects, you were sometimes treated as a sideshow. During certain awful periods in history, twins were the object of medical fascination and unethical experiments were performed on them (but we’ll get to that later). In pop culture, in movies like The Shining, twins are not only presented as a little mysterious but full-out creepy. While most of us know by experience or common sense that twins are just like everybody else, there is still an air of mystery surrounding them. This list explores some of the more bizarre and even creepy stories about twins. While in some cases things are unexplained, others are just awful incidences that happened to good people.

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