Woman Carries on Working Despite Paranormal Activity Around her—She Quits When THIS Happens!


In order to make and earn more money, many people either work two jobs, or work overtime. Many of these workers stay up all night—and are sometimes left alone in the office. Posted on Facebook page Wujud (Paranormal Team), the creepy footage showed a woman working alone in an empty office. A few moments later, the chair behind her begins to move on its own, distracting her from work. Dedicated enough to her job, the woman brushes it off and continues working on her computer. The chair moves several times throughout the video, but stops whenever she looks back. A water bottle unexplainably gets flung off the table beside her, which made her cover her ears in her shock. Braving the unexplainable paranormal activity around her, she continues to work on her computer. A few moments later, her chair gets yanked from behind—even though there wasn’t anybody else in the office! This time, she felt that it was too much. Shaken from the paranormal ‘attack’, she gets up, turns off her computer and walks out of the office.

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