What will you do if a predator attacks you from behind? Defend yourself, of course!


The world is often attributed as being a terrifying and awful place where the worst can happen around every corner. This isn’t necessarily wrong by the way; life can be absolutely wondrous at times but the fact remains that Murphy’s Law was theorized for a reason. Bad things can and will happen to good people whether they’re prepared for them or not, so the general rule of thumb is that it’s always best to be prepared. With that being said, do you know how to protect yourself from a mugger or assailant that comes after you from behind? Knowing how to prevent being choked to death does sound like a good idea after all… Predator sneaks up on a woman from behind, but keep a close eye on her hands. Image result for Predator sneaks up on a woman from behind, but keep a close eye on her hand. Nick Drossos demonstrates in this video exactly what you should do when an assailant attempts to choke you from behind your back. According to him (and this does make a lot of sense) you don’t want to claw for their hands or arms, instead you should turn towards them as quickly as possible. This way they don’t have anything wrapped around your throat, just the side of your neck; in this position you are then free to attack whoever is after you as well, so there are more benefits to this than meets the eye.

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