Wishes Do Come True! All she wanted was to see her mommy!


Birthday celebrations can be absolutely magical, especially when you feel the wildest of wishes can come true just by blowing out a candle. Who doesn’t have a memory of an all-time favorite treat being delivered front and center, with glowing sticks that illuminate your face, just waiting to be put out in order for a dream to hopefully become reality? Everyone has a different way of blowing out their candles, too. Some are more effective than others, though, as we learned with this adorable little boy who tried to do it with his eyes. But it’s always been a rule that you’re not supposed to say your wish out loud, or else it won’t come true. However, the little girl in the video below somehow made an exception. The birthday princess is sitting in a restaurant with a cake in front of her. She’s told by the staff to blow out her candles and make a wish. After she does, one of the waitresses asks, “What did you wish for?” Her response: “To see my mommy.” The little girl’s mother had been away in the military, and it was the sweetest, most honest answer she could have ever given a room full of people. But suddenly, something miraculous happens, and a surprise reveals itself from from behind a bunch of balloons. You’ll have to watch the video to find out what the surprise is, although I’m sure you might be able to guess! Does this reunion leave you feeling like anything is possible, and that wishes really do come true? Let us know in the comments below, and please SHARE this with your family and friends on Facebook!

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