The Laughing Fox Will Make You Laugh So Hard!


Silver foxes are among the most beautiful breeds of fox out there. While there are 30 different species of fox, the silver box is basically a red fox that is born with fur that is either blackish copper, blueish grey, or silver, and the tips of their tails are white. They are pretty rare since they have been hunted for the unique pelts that they have. While foxes are not pets, every now and then certain situations cause wild animals to become domesticated. Turns out this particular silver fox called Mr. Scampers comes from a string of domesticated foxes which were bred and raised for their fur. Then the fur trade ceased up and the foxes were still bred but as companion animals. Mr. Scampers ended up losing the home he was raised in, and since he was already domesticated and not wild, he could not be released into the wilderness. So this family adopted him. They take special care of him and you can see how well adjusted and truly happy he is. Apparently, the whimper sounds that he makes are forms of laughing! They make various noises and the video provides actual translations to what each sound means. Pretty cool and definitely a unique domesticated fox which you rarely see!

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