Incredible footage of mommy moose giving birth to twins!


There are few times we get to witness the miracle of life, if at all. If you live in an area where animals roam free, you have a greater chance of witnessing this amazing once-in-a-lifetime event. I haven’t witnessed any births myself, but seeing this clip just leaves me in awe already! In Anchorage, AK, two women saw a mother moose. Victoria Hickey and Sarah Lochner quickly whipped out a camera once they realized what was happening in their yard: the moose was giving birth! They managed to capture the entire birth, and the moment Mom turns around to start grooming her newborn. Just watching this gave me the goosebumps! It’s such a beautiful moment, and they were lucky to have witnessed it in person. But wait! There’s so much more to see! The little baby tries to get up and use will wobbly legs, with some help from Mom. But there’s something else moving behind her… Could it be? It’s another newborn! At 3:50, you can see a little head pop out from behind her. Mom didn’t just have one baby, but a set of twins! If you would have liked to see this in person, please SHARE with friends and family!

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