Try this amazing trick if you ever have this problem with your car!


If you’re like us, you always find yourself with a dead battery on your car at the worst possible time. Perhaps when you are traveling, right before a big meeting, or at the same time you are loaning your jumper cables to a friend. But in this video you’ll learn an invaluable car hack that will allow you to instantly start up your with nothing more than a rope. You have to see this one for yourself.The principle behind this dead car battery life hack is simple. It works the same way as pushing or pulling your car while it’s in gear to get the engine started. You should note that this will only work with smaller, manual cars, and that it doesn’t tend to work every time. To begin, you need a jack and a rope. Safely jack one of the drive wheels as though you were changing the tires so that the car is stable. Next, pull the hand brake and put the car in third gear. Then you will turn on the car. Wrap the rope around the wheel with the end of the rope facing you, and you standing at the hood of the car. Finally, pull as hard and as fast as you can, and your car should start up.

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