People will always have disagreements in this world, but is it our place to say something in a situation like this?


In 2014, there were some jaw-dropping magazine covers about breastfeeding older children that sparked conversations all over the world. So the popular show What Would You Do? decided to take on the controversial topic head on. Setting up actors in a public place, along with hidden cameras, they wanted to see how people would react to moms breastfeeding children of unexpected ages. The show started with a mom and baby, then ended with a mother breastfeeding her 4-year-old son. Everyone’s reactions were different. An actress tried to catch people’s attention and let her negative opinion be known right away so that others would be forced to either agree or disagree on camera. However, the results might shock you. While some people told the outspoken actress she was wrong for judging the mom and having a problem with the breastfeeding, two customers had a much different reaction to seeing a child old enough to be in school grabbing for his mother’s breast. The truth of the matter is that the decision is ultimately up to the mother.

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