An Orangutan Was Rescued From A Tiny Dark Box Where He Was Kept Prisoner For Years!


An orangutan was rescued after being locked up for two years in a dark wooden box west of Borneo. He was taken to a rescue center for treatment and rehabilitation in Indonesia. This four-year-old monkey named Kotap was imprisoned in a box, which was one square meter. His captor told rescuers from the West Kalimantan Forest Department and International Animal Rescue that people he met in the village of Ketapang handed the young orangutan to him in a cardboard box. Upon arriving home, this man only worried that his new pet would not bother his neighbors and therefore he built a wooden box and put the animal in it. After two years and two visits to the property, rescuers finally managed to free the orangutan, who was under a lot of stress when they opened the box. The owner claimed to have fed Kotap with uncooked instant noodles. Chief Executive of Animal Rescue International, Alan Knight, said the orangutan is very sick.

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