A newborn calf was found in the middle of the streat, but then...


The things heartless people can do to animals is appalling, like this foster parent who caged her poor, starving pit bull and left him outside in the rain. We often find ourselves wondering how certain people can bring themselves to do this. In Udaipur, India, the heroes of Animal Aid Unlimited received a distress call. A newborn calf had been dumped on the side of the road, left to die. When the rescuers arrived, they found the tiny male calf, still wet from the afterbirth, leading them to believe the calf was thrown away minutes after it was born. They discovered that the calf had been dumped by a dairy farmer who did not want it to drink its mother’s milk. This is a practice that happens all over the world, where farmers will rip male calves from their mothers to conserve milk. The calf was trembling and terrified, but the team moved in, scooped him up and took him back to the shelter. They bottle-fed him, and the baby calf was so desperate for milk he hardly let the bottle go. He was named Dil, which means “heart” in Hindi. After taking care of him and showing him the love he deserves, Dil is a completely different animal just two months later! He’s bigger, happier, and ready to have fun. Just watch when he first leaves the baby pen and is allowed to play with the big boys! Please SHARE this story if you believe all animals like Dil should be treated with love and respect!

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