The Sally Fish - The 23 Year Old Goldfish Wearing A Lifejacket


Sally the goldfish is an impressive 23 years old. That’s 161 in dog years, which means Sally is practically immortal in goldfish years. Still, in November 2016, Sally did start to show her age and was having trouble swimming around her tank like a goldfish should. Sally’s owner’s boyfriend Aidan from London told the Daily Mail, that is was “heartbreaking” to watch her struggle. Instead of just watching Sally live out the rest of her life brushing the pebbles at the bottom of the tank, Aidan decided to use his thinking cap and created a floatation device to help Sally reclaim her buoyancy. On his Youtube page where the video transformation is featured it says, “Sally is my girlfriend’s 23-year-old goldfish! For the past few months she was stuck on the bottom of her tank. It was heartbreaking. So I made her a little lifejacket and now she’s killing it!” It took a lot of tender loving care to create this little outfit for Sally and to make sure that it was mechanically sound. Aidan admits that it took a few attempts and presumably a few fish-handling sessions. The floatation device involves a some string and cork, but obviously had to be made with the perfect proportions so that Sally could move freely.

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