Hilarious babies escaping their cribs compilation!


Babies are put in a crib to prevent them from falling out of bed and injuring themselves. Naturally, it’s any parent’s worst nightmare to discover that their precious son or daughter has managed to escape their crib. These babies have now entered unchartered, unsupervised territory, and as a parent, we can worry sick over such thoughts. But rather than think about it from that angle, have you ever wondered how babies manage to escape cribs, gates, and fences in the first place? It turns out that these toddlers and infants have discovered some rather ingenious ways of escaping such “captivity.” n a video on YouTube appropriately titled “Mission Impossible: Babies Escape,” we see six sneaky babies escaping their cribs. Some even help their siblings escape after getting out themselves! t’s a hilarious video compilation that I am sure will bring laughs and smiles to your day.

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