They performs some experiments with Jimmy Fallon, including painting with "glow sticks"!


Science is so incredible because there are so many different facts to learn about, big or small, that you can spend a lifetime learning and never know it all! Many people experiment with science to create projects that are educational while also very cool to watch. On a recent episode of The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon invited Street Science host Kevin Delaney on to teach some awesome lessons. In the segment, they take an orange balloon and put it in a bowl of liquid nitrogen. Once inside, the balloon begins to crumble when the carbon dioxide molecules become cold. It’s fascinating to watch this reaction, but then Jimmy takes the balloon out of the liquid nitrogen, and it begins to inflate again! The molecules relax and expand, which causes this reaction. If you are fascinated by how this balloon reacts to being put in liquid nitrogen, you will also be amazed at how all these different foods, like chicken and a tomato, react in liquid nitrogen! Remember, while this looks very cool, this is not something to try at home if you’ve never handled liquid nitrogen professionally!

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