Homeless man joins busker for spontaneous New Year's Eve song in the street!


Jonathan Walker knows a thing or two about singing. As a talented street performer, Jonathan spends most of his days on the streets, performing for the crowds of people that stop to hear his beautiful music. This past New Years Eve, however, something magical happened to Jonathan. As he was performing on a street in the city of Leeds, England, a homeless man passed by Jonathan who Jonathan had seen multiple times over the past several years. Jonathan immediately noticed this homeless man’s health had deteriorated and wanted to do something. It wasn’t Jonathan that approached the homeless man, however. This wheelchaired man made his way over to Jonathan and asked if he could perform with him. Jonathan, feeling for the homeless man, obliged. He had no idea what was coming next. What did you think? Weren’t you blown away by this performance? We want to hear your thoughts. Let us know in the comments below!

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