Amazing cat can still climb after the lost of one leg


Tiger arrived at the animal hospital with a severe infection. Footage posted on November 24, 2016, shows the tiny striped cat in critical condition, in need of immediate care. It was clear to doctors that this scared little guy needed to have his leg amputated so his infection wouldn’t spread throughout his body. After the surgery it seemed as if everything would be fine — until doctors noticed Tiger’s health was slipping. As it turned out, the infection had already spread to his blood, leaving him to fight for his life once more. The doctors tried cleaning him up and did everything they could. Only time would tell tiny Tiger’s fate. Luckily, as time passed, Tiger’s condition improved significantly. Although he was healthy again, Tiger still needed to get used to having only one leg. His caretakers expected it to take a little bit of time. He slid, he stood, and he tried his hardest to move around despite his new disability. Then Tiger did something unbelievable. In the video below, the cat who had almost lost two of his nine lives prepares to climb metal cages up to where he sleeps. He clings his furry paws to the silver bars and props himself up on the cage’s base. Slowly, he scales to the top, inch by inch. Grabbing a sheet from inside his cage, he slips and falls to the floor. After all he has been through, he isn’t about to give up. A caretaker places Tiger back on the bottom cage, and the cat climbs to the top in no time. The smallest victories truly mean the most.

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