More than 47 million people have viewed this simple guy's amazing performance!


Have you ever had to do something that just put you out of your comfort zone? Perhaps, you were scheduled to give a speech, talk to the board of your company, or perform in front of more people than you’ve ever seen in the same room. That’s what happened to one man when he took the stage on The X Factor UK. Except he had to put himself on the line in front of critical judges. Back in 2012, the 34-year-old Christopher Maloney decided to take the risk and audition for the reality talent show. Although he was a shy person, his family and friends kept urging him to try because he has an amazing talent for singing. But while standing before the judges, Maloney started sweating profusely and could hardly share his own name without stuttering. Fortunately, all of his anxiety and stress melted away the moment he opened his mouth to share his divine voice with the judges… Maloney chose to sing Bette Midler’s “The Rose” on his X Factor audition because that was the song that played at his beloved grandfather’s funeral. After the patriarch of his family passed away, Maloney moved in with his grandmother Pat to help take care of her. And during his time in her household, he frequently opened his voice to her and sang her songs. She quickly became his biggest fan. It took her five years, but eventually Pat convinced Maloney to audition for a singing television show. When The X Factor UK was in town, she pushed him and he gathered up his courage and auditioned. And the rest is history.

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