This Video Of A Bunch Of Failed Dunks Set To ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ Is Way Funnier Than It Should Be!


Now that the Super Bowl is over, and now that you’ve stuffed your face with all the beer and food, and yelled at the TV, it’s time to get back to some sports that are still in full-swing. And one of those sports is basketball. And what better way to get back into basketball than by watching a bunch of failed dunks. I mean, the dudes in this video are really, really trying. The video below is apparently from a Rüti Basket Trampoline Slam Dunk Contest. Now I don’t know what any of that means, all I know is that a trampoline was involved, and a bunch of failed dunks is what occurred. And what made this video even better? R. Kelly’s most popular song: the terrible “I Believe I Can Fly.” And these dudes honestly thought they could. Check out the hilarious video below, and then don’t feel so bad at all with your numerous failed dunk attempts.

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