24 marines amaze the crowd with great "silent" routine


The United States Marine Corps is a highly touted and world-renowned organization that only recruits the “best of the best.” In the video below, watch as marines perform a highly impressive silent drill. These incredible Marines were hand picked because each and every one of them exemplify what it truly means to be a Marine for the United States of America. The 24-man rifle platoon is a well-documented and famous platoon. Commonly referred to as “The Marching Twenty-Four,” the unit is known to perform unique silent precision exhibition drills. The groups main purpose is to highlight the discipline and professionalism of the Marine Corps. To become a member of this elite unit is a very difficult task. All candidates must be uniform in their appearance and height; all males must be between 5’11 and 6’1! Once formed, these Marines tour the country and how off how great the Marines are. The performance in the clip below is one stop on their tour, and in it, they execute a flawless performance that is sure to impress. Pay close attention at the 2:00 mark when they suddenly freeze like statues. Then, focus on the 5:40 mark when the whole Texans football stadium starts to chant. It’s just wonderful!

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