These Two Babies Proved Everyone That Miracles Are Real...What Happened After They Were Born Amazed A Whole World!


In one of the first routine checkups, after American twins, Isabella and Madelein, were born, the pediatrician detected in one of them a strange swelling in the stomach that could get to be a rare cancer. Tests confirmed it and parents went to live a horrible nightmare. Their daughter had stage 4 neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer that affects young kids. A tumor growing in her abdomen. Doctors checked her twin's abdomen and discovered that she also had the same tumor . As surgery was complicated, it was recommended to start with 4 sessions of chemotherapy, despite its risks. The twins were separated to have the first chemotherapy session. For the second session they were put the two together, and suddenly, as if the mere fact of bringing them together would make them happy, the sisters start kicking and laughing, something they had not done a month ago. What happened next is a miracle!

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