This Pregnant Woman Was On The Floor...When This Dog Was Her Something Amazing Happened


"Walter, a dog, knew Cari was preganant before she was 6 weeks pregnant. Yes, Walter was able to smell or hear that Cari had a baby growing in her. Some say that Walter is "privileged" -- and he is. He has been our kid now for almost 5 years and he has been so much fun. Smart pets are like children. They learn, listen, and keep you busy! It will be an adjustment for all of us in the house now that Baby Averi is here. But, as the video shows, it is nothing new. Life always changes. Including for Walter. He was a puppy once and is growing up. Now he has to put up with a pesty sister (Bindy) and very lick-able baby sister. Fun times ahead!" said the youtuber Fitness On The Run

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