This French bulldog had a secret he didn’t really care to share. He especially didn’t want his owner to know.


The small white canine was standing around his owner’s bed for an unusually long time. His suspicious behavior provoked his owner to grab his camera and see if anything odd was going on. After a few minutes, the dog waddles to the back wall, next to a plush teddy bear three times his size. He hops over the leg of the large, brown bear and sticks his head into the crevice between his owner’s bed and the wall. Then his head follows the rest of his body. The French bulldog slowly slithers behind his owner’s bed. But why? Filming the entire thing, the owner makes his way over to his bed. He leans over the headboard, overlooking where his pet has ventured. This dog has claimed the space behind his owner’s bed as a hideaway of some sort. It is a small quiet place where the dog keeps a few toys and treats that he wants to save for later. The dog looks up as his owner peers over the headboard at him. His face shows a little bit of guilt, but that quickly clears up. Although this little guy enjoys the head rubs his owner gives him after uncovering the safe haven, it seems as if he wants his hiding place back to himself.

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