Baby With Eye Condition Sees His Mother For The First Time After Getting Custom Glasses


When babies come into this world, parents want them to be able to experience it to its fullest. Every mom and dad wants their child to live as full and complete a life as possible. Sometimes, children are born with complications and disabilities, which may make it seem as though they'll be missing some things. Babies are resilient and sometimes, if a problem is corrected early, it can be a non-issue in the future. However, when problems with vision and hearing persist, a baby could adapt to the impairment, which is not good. The baby you're about to see in this video is suffering from an eye condition called oculocutaneous albinism. The condition causes a lack of pigment in hair, skin and eyes while also affecting vision. The baby's pediatric ophthalmologist designed custom glasses out of rubber to keep the little guy from hurting himself (nothing worse than smacking your face with glasses on). When they put these glasses on this little boy and he finally sees his mother, the look on his face is indescribably cute. Watch!

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