30 hilarious eyebrow fails that will make you cringe!


Eyebrows have been all the rage in recent years. Whether constantly plucking or permanently tattooing, everyone seems concerned with their eyebrows nowadays! As with every attempt at jumping on the latest beauty trend, there are those that go off the deep end. Breast implants that look ridiculously big and unnatural, lips which have been injected with way too much, and yes, eyebrows that have lost total control! So what is the extreme to the eyebrow trend? Tattooed on cats, Nike swooshes, penciled-in dots, and many more absurdities! Sometimes it is a self-defeating loop that people get caught up in. They become addicted to plucking, to the point that they have no eyebrows left, so they resort to using a sharpie marker and eventually full-on tattooing to get their eyebrows back! It’s kind of thrilling in a sense, waking up in the morning and automatically having Barbie doll brows! But what happens a decade or two down the road? Those tattoos will end up fading. Other people will try to get creative due to their eyebrow absence. Many of these creations turn out horribly bad. The key to good eyebrows is choosing a look that agrees with you and your face. Might look good on someone else, but those same eyebrow tats might not look so great on you.

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