So yeah, I think pandas are cute. I mean, who couldn't love that face?


Ok, I'll admit it, I think pandas are overrated. Wait! Don't run away! I'm not saying that pandas aren't cute. They are! It's just that of all the adorable creatures in the world the giant panda may be a bit over-hyped. Just a tiny bit. That doesn't mean I can't enjoy watching a panda destroy a snowman with the sort of joy I only feel upon hearing the words "all-you-can-eat waffles." It's the sort of joy that can melt even my cold, waffle-loving heart. Since winter is fully upon us and has left a thick layer of perfect packing snow, the keepers at the Toronto Zoo decided to make a snowman for Da Mao, one of the two giant pandas currently in residence. There's no sign of his mate, Er Sun, in the video, so maybe he was extra focused on destroying it before she realized. Who can blame him?

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