What Is Love? Every couple should watch this video!


What is love? This uplifting feeling gives us confidence and a desire to always be close to the loved person, even if being together doesn’t only mean moments of happiness, but the occasional pain and suffering as well. However, true love is immortal and the story of the couple presented in the video fully demonstrates this. Bill and Glad is a couple who have been completely devoted to each other for nearly 50 years. Given the high rate of divorces across the world, many people come to ask whether such a lasting love story may be possible. Well … These two are living proof that such amazing unions still exist. Even though Glad is very ill, she has never lost the desire to live a beautiful life, and she is blessed with ongoing support that helps her overcome difficult moments. Bill supports her in everything, and he considers the care he has to provide his wife a privilege rather than a burden. From the moment Glad wakes up until she goes to bed, Bill helps her and ensures she is provided everything she needs.

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