China is making rice from plastic! Here a few ways to test it!


While many of us continually worry about sugar amounts in food as well as fat and carbohydrate content, while also trying to avoid artificial ingredients, it looks like now we have to actually be careful of our food being made of plastic! Yes, as if the whole organic/gmo/processed this and that headache is not enough, now there is the worry about your food actually being plastic. It’s mainly rice which they have discovered being made with synthetic materials (basically plastics). Just when you think that organic food is increasing, while processed food is on the decrease, out comes a form of food which just says “screw it all” and decides to go full on plastic! Crazy damn world it is… China knows all about how much cheaper it is using plastic for products. Naturally, this is completely dangerous to consume. Very toxic. Matter of fact, according to one Chinese official, if you eat three bowls of this “man-made” rice, then you may as well have just eaten a plastic bag. Essentially the same damn thing. While it hasn’t been distributed here in the US, it naturally has found it’s way into other countries other than China so really who knows where it is.

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