Mother Describes Disgusting Insults Suffered By Her Son!


Medical conditions can manifest in many different ways, and sometimes in ways we can’t even imagine. We tend to believe that illnesses like cancer are hidden from sight, only showing in the demeanor of the person affected, who is imagined to be older and more frail. Unfortunately, cancer impacts people of all ages, and can present itself in different forms. In the case of Oscar Langham, the histiocytosis that affects him comes in the form of spots that cover his body. The boy was born 16 days late, with the spots already all over him. Doctors thought at first that it was nothing, but when the spots didn’t go away, they realized they were wrong. His diagnosis is not cancer, but is similar and can be treated with chemotherapy. His mother hopes that the spots will go away with time, as the doctors seem to suggest, but life has been difficult in the meantime. She says that her son has suffered from the rude comments of strangers. In July 2016, on The Jeremy Kyle Show, she told a story about a group of adults who called Oscar a ‘dalmatian’ because of his appearance. Though Oscar doesn’t understand that at his age, his mother and father do, and were hurt by the comments. Now, they’re hoping that people will be more considerate of them and realize that their son is suffering from a real and scary disease.

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