Ballerina Milena Sidorova’s Spider Dance is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen!


Spiders aren’t necessarily the world’s favorite insect. So much so, that when one first sees a spider, the common response is that of fear and trepidation. However, in this mind-blowing dance routine, the last thing I’d want to do is get up and run away. Milena Sidorova choreographed a routine that is literally like nothing I’ve ever seen before: she mimics the movements of spider. Replicating their shape and movements, this ballerina hits it right on the head. The first reaction I had when seeing her move so freely in this position was awe. Just seeing her take the shape of such a detailed spider so well was extremely impressive. Her dance reminds me of this unforgettable hip-hop vs. ballet routine performed by 14-year-old Annika Verplancke. Both dances are incredibly unique in the creativity and versatility they possess. Dance is meant to invoke an element of surprise and also familiarity. Sidorova takes something so familiarly scary, and turns it into something really quite beautiful and elegant. I’m really happy that her routine was filmed for all to see via the internet. Her technique and talent are truly one of a kind. What a beautiful performance! Have you ever seen a dancer replicate an insect or animal as spot-on as this? Leave your comments below. All credit goes to Milena Sidorova.

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