Just watch what happens when you cut a rubber duck!


Growing up, were you the kind of kid who always wanted to know what the inside of your toys looked like? I’d often try to take apart my toys to see, but I was never very good at putting things back together! In this video, there is no need to put stuff back together. A man heats up a knife — I’m not sure how hot he gets it, but it’s definitely flaming hot when he puts it to every object in this movie. He starts out with an American classic, a Twinkie, and it does not do well against the hot knife. Apparently, a scorching blade plus a Twinkie equals a lot of burning. That probably doesn’t taste good! Next up is an Eos lip balm. The second the knife touches it, it starts melting as he slices into it. If you’ve got chapped lips, you’re going to wish the balm lasted through this! But the most enticing thing to watch getting sliced is clearly the rubber duck. It’s not like we expect anything crazy to happen, yet still you can’t help but watch as he cuts into it and reveals the inside of the duck, where the squeaker looks ruined.

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