Look how different these two kids react to their new sibling gender reveal!


This video was taken in 2014 when Adriana Castillo found out that she was pregnant with her third child. She posted the video on August 2016 knowing that some people would get a kick out of it. As she and her husband tell their kids that they finally know the gender of their new sibling, the tykes look ecstatic. It’s clear that their 4-year-old son wants a boy, and his adorable older sister seems to want a girl. When they start the announcement, they make sure that the toddlers know that they should love their new sibling no matter the gender. Although I’m sure they will both love their new baby sibling, Adriana’s son claims he definitely won’t once Mom says the words he did not want to hear. Thankfully, this entire situation is on tape, and the reactions on these kids’ faces are absolutely priceless. While one hysterically cries, the other’s hands go up in the air as if she’d just won the lottery. Even the parents can’t help but laugh at their little boy’s reaction. Please SHARE this adorable gender reveal with all of your loved ones on Facebook today!

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