This bizarre effect is presented in slow motion. Then imagine seeing this in person! Definitely a freak out!


While it contains 2,000 mummies, the 100-year-old cloister built by Capuchin monks in Palermo, Sicily, has one particular corpse stored in a glass sarcophagus that really stands out. Her name is Rosalia. She was only 2-years-old when she passed away from pneumonia. The year was 1920 and Rosalia Lombardo’s dad, Mario, was an Italian military officer who was absolutely grief stricken from his daughter’s death. He wanted to preserve the beautiful girl so he ended up commissioning an embalmer. Alfredo Salafia would go on to preserve the little girl forever. He replaced bodily fluids with formaldehyde, then treated the corpse with alcohol. His masterwork is simply incredible. The unbelievable seems to have occurred on a number of occasions. Little Rosalia has opened up, and then closed, her eyes! Well leave it to the experts to ruin such a good story, but apparently they are claiming that it is all a weird optical illusion caused from the light. It turns out that since her eyelids are already slightly open, when you look at her it may seem as if they are opening and closing. Naturally this has freaked the heck out of generations of visitors which have come to see the mummy girl who has been rumored to still be alive!

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