This little boy is spreading the Christmas spirit in a weird way!


Around the holidays, we get to truly focus on what’s important — specifically, what’s important to us. Whether it’s the friends and family present in our lives, or the healthy year behind us that we are absolutely grateful for, the holidays give us an opportunity to reflect on life and our priorities in it. And of course, with the coming of December 25, it’s also a time to remember what Christmas is literally all about: the birth of Jesus Christ. As for the little boy in the video below… well, we already know that it’s on his mind. Dad Greg Hogan noticed his son walking across the lawn one day, so he started to record the humorous yet touching moment. The family had set up a Nativity scene outside, but something was clearly not right to the toddler — he was concerned that Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus were cold. So he decided to make the situation right for Jesus’ special celebration. Hogan’s son got to work and picked up Joseph first, carrying the decoration across the lawn while looking for the right place to put him. Next came Mary, who ended up being placed in the same spot as Joseph. And last but not least, baby Jesus was picked up and reunited with his parents.

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