Want To Have Perfect Abs ? This Exercise Is Perfect For You


We all want to have killer abs and to always be in shape. And with this simple exercise you can doi it. Here is how you can do it: 1.Put your hands firmly on the ground. Keep shoulders and neck straight. 2. You are going to feel pressure on your legs as well as the abs, so you want to put your heels in a position where that pressure can be transferred to the toes, thus feeling the tension in the thighs muscles. 3. Contract the muscles of the butt. Don’t raise it up, as you want to keep your body as flat as a plank. 4. Breathe deeply and evenly to help maintain this position. 5. Picture a glass of water placed on the back. Maintain the position which prevents it from spilling. 6. Once in the proper position you can begin. 7. Knees and hands should remain on ground while back should remain flat, with shoulders wider than shoulder-width. 8. Place focus on a spot on the floor, beyond your hands. Keep the spine, head and neck straight. 9. Put pressure on toes, place right leg on floor. Repeat with other leg. Should feel like your whole body weight relies on the toes and hands. 10. Start contracting the ab muscles. Remain in the position for 20-60 seconds. 11. Now, relax. 12. After time, increase the plank movement to a minute.

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