Man Is Reunited With Lion Whose Life He Saved. Wait Until You See How The Animal Thanks Him!


Wild animals are just that: wild. They are unpredictable and can pose serious dangers to humans. When you factor in a top predatory species such as the African Lion, someone would pretty much need to be crazy to get into a cage with such an animal. But we just found an adorable video on YouTube that shows an animal trainer who is reunited with a lion that he helped rehabilitate after it was rescued from dire circumstances. You are going to love watching man and beast romp around and play with each other, but seriously though, do not try this at home with anything larger than a housecat. The reunion between animal worker Adolpho and his former charge, Kiara the lion, has set the internet on fire. It has be viewed more than 1.8 million times, received more than eighteen thousand likes, and more than two thousand comments.

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