Idiot Robber Forgets To Put On Ski Mask Until After He’s Seen By Cameras!


Try again. People who rob stores are already idiots, but it’s always fun when they decide to show us more proof of their low intelligence. It’s like that robber who returned to the scene of the crime, only to get stuck in a hole. Or like the robber who was so bad at his job he got beat up by dildos. These are guys that clearly shouldn’t be doing this. And we can add the guy in this story to the list. The guy in the video below decides to enter a 7-Eleven store in D.C. with the goal of robbing it. But he forgets one important thing: to cover his face with the ski mask that was resting on his head. And when he realizes, it’s a tad too late because his face has been captured by cameras.

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