"No chair" magic trick - how does he do it?!


Do you believe in magic? I, for one, do not. What I do believe in is magic as a talent — like when someone swallows a sword or guesses a playing card by spilling it through a cloud of smoke from their mouth. These types of tricks and illusions both impress and astound us time and time again. More than likely, though, we are left with the question, how did they do that? Well, in the video below, get ready to watch as this magician shocks people with an invisible-chair illusion. Let’s see if you can figure it out how he’s pulling this off! The video begins with the man in question, magician Julien Magic, walking into a busy park square with a newspaper in hand. He walks over to his desired spot and, steadily, has a seat and opens up his newspaper. Except that there is nothing underneath him: no chair at all! To the untrained eye (mine included), it looks like the magician is just sitting on thin air! Instantly, a man walking by turns back and stares at Julien in his “chair,” no doubt wondering how exactly he’s doing this. He continues his trick, with more and more people stopping and staring, wondering how he’s able to pull this off. He sits right down in the path of some runners, who all stare and burst out laughing. Some passersby literally can’t take their eyes off him!

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