This daughter shocks her father with huge guitar talent!


There’s nothing like a passion that’s shared between a parent and child. Moms and dads enjoy introducing their own hobbies to kids at a young age, hoping that they will grow up sharing the same interests and strengthen their bond even more. And sometimes, it’s the other way around — like when this dad learns to style his daughter’s hair the way she likes it. In the case of father Jabrix and his nine-year-old daughter, Ayu Gusfanz, this seems to have happened naturally.Jabrix showed Ayu Gusfanz how to play the electric guitar at a young age, clearly. Being a talented guitarist himself, Jabrix taught his daughter the rock song “Hotel California” by The Eagles. When their jam session begins, Ayu starts off strong while her dad sets up the camera and takes a seat next to her. Jabrix nods his head to the beat while he watches her play, and she hits every note as she goes. Ayu Gusfanz even looks away from the guitar while still playing to give her dad a smile, and he definitely returns the look of approval. Throughout the rest of the video, it becomes so obvious how proud this dad is of his daughter. They continue to throw energy back and forth between each other, and often play in synchrony with one anothe, smiling and having fun the whole way through. That’s how it should be, at the end of the day — never that a child is forced to like something that their parents do, but have a desire to do it on their own. This looks to be the case for Ayu, who looks and sounds like she definitely has her father’s talent when it comes to playing the guitar.

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