A Lot Of Women Took Photos While They Were Breastfeeding...Why? You have To See This!


Chinese mothers have taken to the streets while breastfeeding in a call for more public lactation rooms. Mothers throughout Xiamen, China, are breastfeeding in the middle of the road, at work, while waiting for the bus and inside malls, all to bring awareness to the lack of breastfeeding rooms that are available in public spaces. Public breastfeeding has been a controversy all over the world. Like mothers in the U.S., the group of Chinese mothers have taken it upon themselves to bring back public awareness with a series of brelfies (breastfeeding selfies) … sort of. The Chinese breastfeeding rate is about 28 percent lower than the rest of the world, with many blaming propaganda campaigns for dissuading mothers from doing so. Recently, the country is considering a ban on formula and released advertisements with the message that the "breast is best." The Chinese government also pushed for public lactation spaces and apps to help mothers find them, but little has come from the efforts.

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