Do you want to know what is inside this yacht? Then keep on watching!


This incredibly luxurious mega yacht comes equipped with a garage which serves to store your smaller motorboats and as an entrance point. Each and every room on this ship appears to have been designed after a five star hotel and then some. There’s a round bath in the master bathroom, wall-sized windows surrounding a beautiful lounging area, there’s even a piano available for some musical entertainment in the living room! Even the “dining room” looks like it was made for an island style dining experience. This ship comes with 13 different crew members to keep it all functioning and to wait on the passengers – it screams affluence. This yacht is so extravagant that it’s impossible to imagine even going on a tour without at least $10 million in your pocket, so it’s safe to say their target audience is somewhere between filthy rich and disgustingly rich, but the rest of us can dream, can’t we?

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