YouTube Star Pretends To Blow Up 3-Year-Old Son In Viral Prank On Girlfriend!


YouTube jokester Roman Atwood has struck again. The video-sharing star known for pulling extreme pranks on his gullible girlfriend took his hijinks to another level this week when he convinced his sweetheart that he blew up their son in an ATV explosion. Footage shows the anguished mother cover her face in horror as she watched who she thought was her 3-year-old son, Kane, veer up a ramp and come crashing down in a fiery blaze. But the boy was a dummy and the explosion was just a big pyrotechnics show. When the unsuspecting mother dashes over to the save her son, she realizes she was the victim of yet another prank. "That is not funny," girlfriend Brittney Smith says. "It's kind of funny," Atwood replies, biting his knuckles. "It's not funny. I'm done, honey. I can't do it," Smith says before delivering a swift kick to his leg.

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